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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In 1994, Tengku Farith Rithdaudeen was asked to join Road Builder, a listed construction company that his father had just bought into. He was executive chairman of the company. Tengku Farith feels uncomfortable with that because everyone will see that he is a son’s of a chairman at the Road Builder. Besides I wasn’t sure whether leaving CIMB would be the right thing to do as he used to be there for a long time.
Then, his brother in law Shahrir Roose advise him to list down all his weaknesses and show it to his prospective boss, Mr. Chua Hock Chin. To his surprise, Mr. Chua Hock Chin, who are also an executive vice chairman and cofounder of the company impressed with Tengku Farith action which considered as a mature person to reveal his weaknesses.
Tengku Farith was given the position as business development manager. He did big projects including Kuantan Port and Bes Raya. But, the Road Builder has its rival, DRB Hicom in competing to get project at Kuantan port. After discussing with EPU (Economic Planning Unit), DRB Hicom got the Kemaman project while Road Builder got the Kuantan Project. In 1995, he was approached by Syed Jalaludin of UPM a project which is not necessarily agricultural basis. Again, the fact that good relationship led to business opportunity came to test when he had to get his cousin who worked in MIMOS involved.
Road Builder decided to build a cluster of research centers, and while doing so, they met a lot of important persons including Ariff Nun of MDC who was quite hilarious, and Mohamad Awang Lah of CEO Jaring which was opposite to Ariff Nun.
The idea of setting up Multimedia City did not go smoothly because EPU not giving an approval. This is because it involved university land and they don’t think this project would be great benefit to country. Tengku Farith and his team wrote to prime minister and attach a lot of supporting document. After read all document, Dr. Mahathir not have objection but unfortunately, the strong objection come from the late Othman Yeop Abdullah who was MDC chairman at the time. He thought that this project would steal the thunder away from Cyberjaya. Year 1997 was a Asian economic crisis and the big project like Multimedia City would be out of question anyway

Chapter 1 tells us about how the skali founder which is this book writer meets his future partner. The writer name is Tengku Farith bin Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen and he is the CEO of Skali. He has 6 siblings. His father is government minister. When he was 13 years old, he was study in Canada because his parents felt that international exposure would stead their children well.Tengku Farith was graduate from Carleton University in year 1992.During studied, Tengku Farith was trained by her mother in financial management which many of the room was rented out to other student and Tengku Farith must take care for house management. After finish his study, he was come back to Malaysia and work in CIMB in privatization unit. He works as corporate finance executive. This position teaches him how to be thick-skinned which is essential for business. He had to organize all entertainment functions for the company.
His get exposure in IT when he was child in 80s.He use Apple II to play game and read a lot of book and magazine about computer to learn how to do basic programming using BASIC language. He takes Management and Information System course in college. During work in CIMB, he get a chance to be expose to IT where he was ask to make a power point for presentation which Microsoft Word not so famous during that time. He was learning how to make spreadsheet for financial modeling. During work in CIMB, he meet Azmi Ahmad which is become his business partner in Skali.
Azmi Ahmad is very diligent, meticulous and very concern about the welfare of staff. He also a very serious and strict about quality and had no time for small talk. His personality make Tengku Farith more close with Aimi Aizal Nasharuddin which was more his type. Aimi is fun abd easy going. After a year work with CIMB, Tengku Farith, Azmi and Aimi joined force to form a corporate advisory consultant called ACIF Resource which would later become one of the main shareholders of Skali.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Di sebuah kampung tinggal seorang lelaki tua yang sudah bertahun-tahun
kematian isteri. Dengan arwah isterinya itu dulu dia dikurniakan tiga
orang anak lelaki.
Semuanya sudah remaja. Anak pertama bernama Anis, kedua bernama Harben
dan ketiga bernama Amsal. Akan ketiga-tiga ini yang paling disayangi
ialah Harben. Sayangnya dengan Harben langsung tidak diberinya keluar
rumah. Si polan ini sayang juga dengan Anis.
Kadang-kadang dibawanya juga keluar rumah, ke pekan, ke penambang
(jetty) dan ke sekitar kampung. Almaklum anak yang ketiga iaitu Amsal
kadang-kadang langsung tak diendahnya.. jadi merayau-rayau lah si anak
ini ke sekitar kampung dan sampai ke pulau seberang. Kurus kering
badannya kerana jarang diberi makan.
Hendak dijadikan cerita, suatu hari yang mendung raja yang memerintah
kampung itu dari pulau seberang telah memanggil si polan ini pergi
mengadap. Susah hati lah si polan ini sebab badannya sudah tua,
terpaksa pulak mengayuh selat nak ke pulau tersebut. Lagi pula musykil
hatinya. Apa yang dimahukan si Raja itu.
Maka dipanggilnya si Harben.
"Harben, tolong hantar ayah ke pulau seberang..Tuanku Raja
memerintahkan ayah mengadap..boleh ya nak?"
Apa yang dijawab Harben?
"Minta maaf lah ayah. Masalahnya Harben tak pernah keluar rumah jadi
macamana Harben nak hantar ayah ke sana sebab Harben tak tahu jalan.
Kalau mahu, Harben hantar sampai depan pintu saja lah, ye ayah?"
Mendengar jawapan si Harben sedihlah hati si polan ini kerana anak
yang disayanginya tidak boleh diharap.
"Baiklah kalau begitu" jawabnya sedih.
Dipanggilnya pula si Anis.
"Anis, tolong hantar ayah ke pulau seberang..Tuanku Raja memerintahkan
ayah mengadap..boleh ya nak?" Apa yang dijawab Anis?
"Minta maaf lah ayah. Masalahnya Anis tak pernah keluar dari kampung
ni jadi macamana Anis nak hantar ayah ke sana sebab Anis tak tahu
jalan. Kalau mahu, Anis hantar sampai hujung kampung sajalah, ye
Mendengar jawapan si Anis itu sedihlah hati si polan ini kerana anak
yang disayanginya ini pun tidak boleh diharap juga.
"Baiklah kalau begitu" jawabnya sedih. Dipanggilnya pula si Amsal.
"Hei Amsal,tolong hantar ayah ke pulau seberang.. Tuanku Raja
memerintahkan ayah mengadap.." Lalu Amsal menjawab,
"Baiklah ayah" tanpa sebarang alasan.Menyesallah dihatinya kerana
tidak menyayangi anaknya Amsal akan tetapi dia sanggup melakukan apa
saja untuk ayahnya.
Lalu pergilah si polan mengadap Raja. Harben menghantar di pintu pagar
rumah, Anis menghantar sampai ke penambang dan si Amsal mengikut
ayahnya mengayuh kolek. Sedang mengayuh itu, tidak semena-mena ribut
melanda dan hujan lebat pun turun.
Terkial-kiallah mereka mengayuh dan disebabkan si polan yang dah tua
dan si Amsal yang kurus kering karamlah mereka berdua terkubur di
Sekian adanya.
Adapun anak-anak si polan ini ialah sebenarnya kehidupan lelaki tua
Harben ialah HARTA-BENDA,
Anis ialah ANAK-ISTERI, dan
Amsal ialah AMAL-SOLEH.
Lazimnya manusia sayang kepada Harben dan Anis tapi tidak pada Amsal.
Di mana bila manusia itu mati iaitu pulang kerahmatullah (mengadap
Raja) yang dapat dibawanya hanyalah Amsal. Harben tinggal dipintu
pagar dan Anis tinggal di penambang (di tepi kubur).Oleh itu dalam
kita mengejar cita-cita di dunia ini jangan lah lupa dengan akhirat
dan rukun Islam yang lima .
Sama-samalah kita mendapat kesenangan di dunia dan di akhirat.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008




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