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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chapter 1 tells us about how the skali founder which is this book writer meets his future partner. The writer name is Tengku Farith bin Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen and he is the CEO of Skali. He has 6 siblings. His father is government minister. When he was 13 years old, he was study in Canada because his parents felt that international exposure would stead their children well.Tengku Farith was graduate from Carleton University in year 1992.During studied, Tengku Farith was trained by her mother in financial management which many of the room was rented out to other student and Tengku Farith must take care for house management. After finish his study, he was come back to Malaysia and work in CIMB in privatization unit. He works as corporate finance executive. This position teaches him how to be thick-skinned which is essential for business. He had to organize all entertainment functions for the company.
His get exposure in IT when he was child in 80s.He use Apple II to play game and read a lot of book and magazine about computer to learn how to do basic programming using BASIC language. He takes Management and Information System course in college. During work in CIMB, he get a chance to be expose to IT where he was ask to make a power point for presentation which Microsoft Word not so famous during that time. He was learning how to make spreadsheet for financial modeling. During work in CIMB, he meet Azmi Ahmad which is become his business partner in Skali.
Azmi Ahmad is very diligent, meticulous and very concern about the welfare of staff. He also a very serious and strict about quality and had no time for small talk. His personality make Tengku Farith more close with Aimi Aizal Nasharuddin which was more his type. Aimi is fun abd easy going. After a year work with CIMB, Tengku Farith, Azmi and Aimi joined force to form a corporate advisory consultant called ACIF Resource which would later become one of the main shareholders of Skali.


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